Luxury living at the Wentworth Estate

jkjdeVirginia Water, a rural village, is situated in the Surrey and Berkshire borders and features the Wentworth Estate, home of the popular Wentworth Club and internationally famous golf courses. The property is home to a lot of the village’s residences, which are huge detached properties and probably the most exclusive within the Home Counties.

If you are trying to find wonderful houses for sale in Wentworth, a small family house or even and more luxurious apartment, the real estate agents can find the property or home which is perfect for you.

The properties in the Wentworth Estate are one of the most expensive in the world. Each and every house is really worth more than a million pounds sterling. Most properties certainly come with security guards that monitor the property 24 hours 7 days.

So, usually, when individuals hear “Wentworth Estate”, another thing that usually cross their mind is wealth. It is undeniably a place in which the very rich and highly successful people live from Ernie Els to Sir Bruce Forsyth.

The neighborhood of Wentworth is much like a sophisticated display of fancy architecture. Infrastructure in the estate will always be maintained clean and the landscaping is nicely polished. The neighborhood gives the feeling which has never found dirt. Perfectly clean benches and large front yards are normal sights.

You can also find renowned golf courses nearby, including the Sunningdale and also Windlesham golf courses. Similar to the Wentworth Golf club, these golf clubs have been used for various international golf tournaments.

In case you want the sights to explore, the options are countless such as the Windsor Great Park, the Savill Gardens, and the Virginia Water Lake. And they are not far from the village.


Nowadays Wentworth offers everything right from ultra-prime modern mansions to more classic townhouses. It is most valued for its lively social scene along with the open parkland atmosphere belongs to the 3 golf courses, while still keeping up with care.

It is perfectly logical that this first-class estate is well-known through all parts of the world and is home of everyone from musicians to athletes and royalty to financial figures. Even so, another highlight is a lot of interest from families, both for people who live locally and from other countries.

Many people are also trying to find houses for sale in Virginia Water and Wentworth for their retirement living. This place is also is good for retirees, especially for those who want to maintain their freedom with the comfort which help is available every time. This new advancement really must be seen to be highly valued.

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