6 Marketing And Branding Cliches To Avoid In The B2B Industry

1) Your Logo Is NOT Your Brand 

The logo has become a defining feature of so many B2B brands. Ads become an extension of the logo as if reinforcing the logo would help it to stand for something or establish brand values. But the logo means nothing unless you provide great service and communicate effectively.

2) Creating Content For The Sake Of Content 

The default reaction of marketers is always to create content, but creating additional materials without a plan or strategy behind it isn’t worth it.

The phrase ‘content is king’ is often repeated among content marketers. This is often accompanied by ‘build it and they will come’ or the belief that simply publishing outstanding content will get its attention.

In reality, a good promotion strategy is always needed to promote your awesome content, regardless of how great your content is. Continue reading

PRINCE2 Project Management online essentials

Project management is essentially the planning, organizing, and managing of key business projects.  A project is a name for a specific stage in making a product or providing a service.  Some projects are simple software development activities, which are not described as a complicated managerial process.  Some projects have tight time schedules because it is a change management process in order to implement new processes.  The term project applies to all these and more. As outlined on a prince2 training online course.

Projects – definitions, definitions, definitions:

The definition of project is as follows: “A limited-time effort with social relevance aimed at a new and latent need- passionately managed, believed in, and understood by developing specific goals.”

Note that project is expected to finish in a defined period of time – usually from beginning/beginning/end( depending upon the project management scenario). Continue reading

Tips to Improve Your Home’s Appearance Affordably

A lot of homeowners who feel dissatisfied with their home’s appearance may instinctively conclude that they have to do a big renovation or remodel entire rooms to make them more aesthetically pleasing. However, starting from scratch isn’t always necessary. You don’t always need to do an entire room over to give it new life. Here are some affordable ways to improve your home.

Spruce Up Your Floors

Tearing out floors and putting in a new one can be very costly. However, you can erase years of wear from your floors by getting help from a professional refinisher. These types of companies can help you maintain your home’s original flooring but give it the look that you want. If you’re looking for a company that does floor refinishing Fairfax VA, reach out to a reputable service company that can give you an in-home evaluation. Continue reading

The Water-Based Contaminants That Could Be Lurking In Your Home

Most of the world currently lives in abundance of advanced technology that aids us in our everyday lives. Unfortunately, however, water contamination around the world remains a significant problem despite these advancements. Even in some of the most developed nations on the planet, issues with infrastructure or lack of adequate infrastructure can lead to contaminated water supplies that have the possibility to cause serious illness. All sorts of viruses, bacteria, and different parasites are all capable of finding their way into the rivers, lakes, and streams that surround us and provide us with the water necessary to keep us well nourished.

Thus, it’s imperative that families are mindful of the risks of these contaminated sources of water and invest in the treatment processes that can save them from the danger these sources of water can cause. Take a family living in a more rural environment as an example. The area that surrounds this family is made up of farm fields that grow different crops and house different animals. One particularly rainy night can result in the fecal remains of these farm fields finding their way into nearby rivers or streams. This can cause the family’s water supply to be infected with E. coli, a bacteria that has been known to cause symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea. Continue reading

Choosing The Best Renovation Options To Increase Property Value

Before embarking on a home improvement journey, you should first consider how the changes you pursue will affect property resale value. A majority of renovations that homeowners pursue seldom increase resale value over the long term. Rather than making grand scale changes as a result of recent trends, consider what changes will make the largest difference in terms of resale value. But how do you know what makes that difference? Which changes are worth implementing? Which are some you should avoid? Here are some beginning tips to get a solid understanding of renovations meant to increase resale value.

Attention Grabbing Renovations: in order to maximize the return on your renovation investments, it is best to begin with changes that people are more likely to see. Most people searching for homes on the market are looking for their interests to be piqued when first inspecting a home, so changes that can improve the visual aesthetic of a home make the best impression. Some examples of this include replacing a long-standing garage door, or a fresh set of entry doors in both the front and backyards, or a newly renovated and fleshed out kitchen. Even something as simple as a fresh coat of paint in rooms that haven’t been painted in a few years can go a long way for those searching for a new home. Continue reading