5 Benefits of Upgrading to a Keypad Door Lock System

Keypad lock systems eliminate the need for keys and allow users to enter by entering a code into a numerical pad. These devices are great for amenity spaces and mixed-use buildings where staff and tenants often visit.

Smart locks that connect to a home’s WiFi or intelligence hub can be used remotely to give access codes to babysitters, maintenance specialists, and dog walkers. While hacking is an issue with these devices, using strong passwords and changing them regularly can help reduce the risk.


Keypad door lock Orlando offers higher security than many standard lock-and-key security systems. They’re often favored for commercial, office, and industrial properties where multiple authorized users need ongoing access to secure areas. Many electronic locks are easily installed and integrate well with other smart home devices.

They eliminate the need for homeowners to carry keys around or worry about them getting lost or stolen. They also allow homeowners to easily give temporary codes to guests, repair professionals, and babysitters, and they can record who’s coming and going from the property. Wi-Fi-enabled keypad locks can be opened remotely through a compatible smartphone app. This feature is handy for renting out properties, such as short-term Airbnb hosts.


Keypad locks have many surprisingly convenient benefits. They eliminate the need to worry about losing keys or a key falling into the wrong hands. You can give anyone who needs access a temporary code in a text message or phone call, and the lock will automatically close after they leave.

They are also great for multifamily buildings (each resident receives a PIN code that staff can remotely change), commercial office spaces, and care homes.

These types of locks can be controlled with a mobile app, which allows users to view activity reports for all doors in the building and grant or remove access codes at any time. In addition, they can be programmed to only open during certain hours of the day. A complete history of events can also be accessed, ensuring peace of mind.


A keypad lock looks very similar to a conventional lock, and many of them are designed for a sleek look that suits most doors. They are also more durable because they don’t need to sustain the friction of inserting and turning keys as much as conventional locks.

Some smart lock brands offer a built-in alarm system to thwart tampering. Others have a small, round design that is compact and fits into most standard doorknobs without looking too large or clunky.

An excellent smart lock will work over WiFi and Bluetooth, giving you a choice of how to control the lock. It should also be compatible with other smart home devices for expanded capabilities and future integrations. Lastly, it should have an intuitive mobile app and simple-to-use options for visitor entry.


Keypad lock systems eliminate the need for keys, which can be lost or stolen. This helps to keep your property and family safe by preventing break-ins without your knowledge.

The unique hardware design of these types of locks makes it difficult to pick or bump them. They also have different hardware, which means they cannot be easily spoofed by run-of-the-mill burglars who can copy or duplicate standard locks.

These systems can be programmed to require a code at certain times or only accept one code at a time, and some can even respond to voice activation. This can help parents, babysitters, or other household workers control remote access to their homes and property. They can also temporarily be set up to access housesitters, contractors, or dog walkers.


Keypad door locks require a unique code to lock and unlock, which reduces the risk of lost or stolen keys. In addition, they eliminate the need for children to keep track of their house keys or risk forgetting them at school.

Keypad locks use different types of technology and have a sleek, modern look. They are more durable than traditional locks because they don’t have to sustain the friction of inserting and turning keys to disengage the lock.

Many models can be changed with new access codes remotely, which helps give temporary code access to babysitters, maintenance specialists, dog walkers, and others. Additionally, they are typically less expensive to maintain than standard lock systems. Some are even battery-powered and operate through a secure WiFi connection, making them an affordable option for your home or business.

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