Your Sprinkler System Winterization Guide

When the weather turns cold, it is important to winterize your sprinkler system. Don’t wait until the last minute or else your house may end up at the end of a very long list of others hoping for the same service.

Why must a sprinkler system be winterized?

Water expands when it freezes.  The expansion means that any water left in the pipes and other areas of your irrigation system will expand in freezing temperatures and cause pipes, tubing, or other components to burst or crack. Pipes can burst and flood your basement or yard. This will create a mess and potentially cost a lot to clean up. Cracked tubing and components can lead to leaks and costly sprinkler system repairs.

What if the temperature is freezing and I have not had my sprinkler system serviced?

If you have waited too long to winterize your sprinkler system and freezing temperatures are coming, there are some things you can do to hold you over.  First, wrap any exposed pipes with insulation or foam. You can also put a blanket over the exposed outdoor sprinkler shut off and then put a garbage bag over all of it. Call a professional as soon as possible to have the system properly winterized.

What is the winterizing process?

When searching for Sprinkler Blowout Denver, it is important to find an experienced company that you can trust. Proper care and maintenance of your sprinkler system will keep it working efficiently and last a long time. Here is a look at the steps taken when winterizing a sprinkler system.

  1. The main water valve of the irrigation system is located and turned off.
  2. All test cocks and ball valves on the backflow preventer are turned to a 45-degree angle.
  3. Water pressure is released in the pipes by turning on each valve.
  4. Water is drained from all sprinkler components and air is blown through the system to get all of the water out.
  5. The controller is turned to the “off” position.

These steps may seem simple, but they are more complicated than it seems. The best way to get all of the water out of your sprinkler system is to use compressed air. This process should only be done by a professional because pipes can be easily be damaged if the wrong pressure setting is chosen. Professionals have the correct equipment and know the correct settings to get the system ready for winter.They also know the best order for clearing out every component in the system.

Preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure that your sprinkler system will keep working for years to come. Trusting a professional with these services is the best way to eliminate the risk of costly repairs such as burst pipes and cracked tubing.

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