Wraproof – Temporary Roof Repair in Florida

wraproofWhether your roof is damaged by a natural disaster, severe storm, a fire or has a leak on a rainy day, emergency repair is the right solution. Permanent roof repairs will take time , especially when other roofs in your neighborhood are also damaged . Emergency repair is also a significant part of the cleanup and remediation following a hurricane or flood, as buildings must be thoroughly cleaned and dried before permanent repairs can begin.

Covering the roof is your best option for damaged roofs which cannot be repaired instantly. The most typical roof covering is blue tarp, but you can find another product called Wraproof which is stronger and more durable than blue tarp. Wraproof is available in various sizes and can be easily installed on any type of roofs.

After an extreme storm or weather many homeowners are trying to cover the roof themselves. It is advisable to protect the property but installing the roof cover is dangerous and should be done correctly to give good results. This is also true for buildings which have large structural damage from collapsed trees, fires and storm debris. When in trouble, professional team from Wraproof can come and install wraproof immediately, effectively and safely.


Temporary repairs not just provide protection to the building and almost everything inside from greater damage; they also make it possible for perfect remediation and restoring to be done. A temporary repair using Wraproof provides you with proper cleaning and drying so repairs can be done effectively.

In case of emergency, it’s advisable to contact professional team of Wraproof at www.WrapRoof.com that can install a temporary roof repair effectively and safely. WrapRoof was created by the company’s three owners: Spiro Naos, Larry Bond and Chris Mouris . Bond started his career at roofing company at the age of 12. He joined Mouriz, a general contractor, and also Naos, a project developer, to create a product for this roof damage repair that is significantly better than old blue tarps. Although FEMA explains the tarps are a 30-day solution, WrapRoof can guarantee against leaks for a year.

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