Why You Might Need Residential Oil Tank Removal Services

If you have bought a vintage home you want to remodel, you might have discovered that the residence utilizes oil in a tank for heating the interior. Although the use of heating oil tanks in residential applications remained widespread for many decades, with the advent of natural gas and other more environmentally friendly systems, heating oil began to fall out of popularity. However, if you own a home with a residential oil tank on-site, you may discover three fundamental reasons tank removal becomes necessary.

1. Legal Obligations

Some current city municipalities require the removal of old home oil tanks. Unfortunately, as these oil tanks age, they can develop dangerous leaks underground, which can cause severe environmental and health issues. However, residential oil tank removal Sullivan County NY service professionals have all the appropriate equipment and expertise to remove the hazardous oil tank and safely take it away from your property.

2. Lending Requirement

Another important aspect of residential oil tanks centers around bank loans for housing. Many banks require that old oil tanks get removed or sealed appropriately on-site before lending money for housing purchases. Furthermore, decommissioning a tank on-site often entails pumping it out, cleaning it and refilling it with appropriate materials. Consequently, aging oil tank removal or permanent closure can become imperative before homeownership can occur.

3. Land Reuse

If the tank has not leaked, the land may be appropriate for reuse in other ways. Suitable soil and additional testing will get conducted to determine the ground and water conditions. Then if all gets deemed satisfactory, you may move forward with land reuse.

Oil tank removal requires professional assistance to complete it safely. In addition to removing old oil tanks, residential oil tank services can help with groundwater and soil cleanup in and around the tank area, making the property comply with laws and safer for use.


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