Which phone is better iPhone or Android?

When you buy one of the best smartphones, the first choice can be a difficult iPhone or Android. It is difficult to choose as both offer great and different features. There are different beneficial features in both smartphones but a lot of aspects are there that signify and prioritize them for the customer. However, a closer look shows that there are some differences. Let’s take a closer look at some of these differences to help you decide whether an iPhone or Android smartphone is the right choice for you.

  • The hardware of Andriod and iPhone
  • Notifications
  • Music Application
  • Google Maps
  • Phone Contacts
  • Operating System
  • Application Store 
  • Phone Backup & Cloud Storage
  • Messaging & Calls
  • Camera results
  • Email Application

The hardware of Andriod and iPhone

Hardware is the first place where the difference between iPhone and Android becomes clear. Only iPhone has the extremely strong control over how software and hardware both work together. On the other side, google provide software to many companies like Samsung, LG, Motorola, Vivo, Redmi, and Realme. Because of this, Android phones are different in size, features, and quality. Premium-priced Android phones tend to be good in hardware quality as iPhones are, but cheaper Android phones do not have good quality as compared to iPhones. iPhones can cause any hardware issue too but they are of high quality.


The iPhone’s active notification lets you respond from within the notification without opening the application that some Android lacks. But Android lets you set which notification is a priority, automatically sending them to the top of the list at the notification bar. It is also easy to clear Android notification with a single swipe on the notification bar.

Music Application

Android has a piece of amazing music playing app in Google Play Music, which offers an impressive list of free, ad-supported music. iPhone has Apple Music, which has no free option but integrates impressively well with your iTunes downloads.

Google Maps

Google Maps is the best mobile app ever designed for mobile phones. It’s available on both the iPhone and Android, but it’s only used natively on Android phones. That means Siri can not use Google Maps, only iPhone improving but still inferior Maps app.

Phone Contacts

Android phone’s contacts are much easier to navigate and its large photos make it easy to find who you are looking for. The iPhone automatically connects with Facebook and other social networks to populate your contact’s photos. Most Android phones require a separate app to do this type of feature.

Operating System

When we look up their Operating systems, iPhones give the greatest and latest version of the smartphone operating system. Because some Android companies are very slow for updating the latest version of Android OS and some companies even do not update their phones to the latest version. iPhones support for old phones is better than Android. IOS 11 includes full support for iPhone 5s which was released in 2013.

Application Store

The Apple store provides fewer apps than google play but overall this section is not much important. Apple store is very strict about what apps will be allowed while Google Store’s standards for Android are lax.

Phone Backup & Cloud Storage

If we talk about the backup of user data and information on both mobile phones, then an automatic backup of pictures is created in Google Photos App of Andriod smartphone. It provide 100% security of data and also has unlimited storage upto 1080p limit for videos and 16 MegaPixel limit for your pictures. While the iPhone has 5GB of backup storage in iCloud , so Andriod Cloud storage has a space of 15GB and is much better than iOS cloud storage. Moreover, in Andriod, if you want more backup space then you have to pay a few dollars per month.

Messaging & Calls

The process of messages and calls is too easy on both platforms. But in Andriod phone, a bit is confusing because it has it’s own Andriod messaging application, also a google messaging Application and Google hangout that allows a user to allows any video call, voice call, message, etc. But on iPhone it is comparatively very easy to operation, you simply have two applications Facetime and iMessage through which you can communicate easily with your family and friends.

Camera results

People who are fond of clicking selfies and photographs should have been highly interested to know about this feature. When Apple newly launch an iPhone series, people thaught that its camera results are super cool and more original than the Andriod phone. Being a competitor, Andriod also launches a smartphone with great camera quality and pixels. So now at that time, the camera quality of both phones is fast and excellent. But, the iPhone shows more original, clear results which is almost same in Google Pixel 4 camers, and Android has a lot of variations to do with a picture.

Email Application

In Andriod and iPhone, there is a default Email application. Andriod has a stronger and more beneficial Gmail application in which you can add multiple accounts at a time and also connect any account with your Gmail that will make your work more manageable and also save your time. While iPhone has an iOS mail application for email but Gmail is comparatively stronger than iOS mail. You can also use third party email application but Gmail is highly recommendable.


So, Which phone is better iPhone or Android? If you want to buy an iPhone, you just need to pick a model because many companies make Android devices, you have to first pick a brand and then model, which is so confusing. In conclusion, the iPhone is more secure than Android phones. iPhone has good quality but the price is very high as compared to the Android phones, which gives almost the same features (except some) at a low price. You should buy an iPhone or an Android? It is all your choice, and in this article, we narrated that which mobile phone is better to use in terms of features, and It all depends upon that which sort of features and Applications you want in your smartphone, and what is your need, taste, and money.

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