What Constitutes as a Priority Worker for E1 Visa?

If you are a foreign national that wishes to work in the United States, one visa you may have heard of is the E1 visa. This is also called the Treaty Trader Visa and is a work-based visa for people with extraordinary abilities. Those eligible are also called priority workers. The term priority workers may be the first one you hear if you are consulting with an E1 visa lawyer Los Angeles-based. Find out right here what that really means.

What is the E1 Visa?

The E1 visa is a trade visa for workers with extraordinary abilities. If a company in the United States wishes to employ someone that has skills they can’t find in the United States, or can’t find enough of, a priority worker from outside the country might be hired. That person needs an E1 visa.

E1 visas are typically for essential workers or extraordinary positions such as executives and CEO. However, someone that sings like Celine Dion might get an E1 visa.

What is a Priority Worker?

To qualify as a priority worker, you must have a special ability in science, arts, education, athletics, or business. You could also be a professor or brilliant researcher.

Companies that have executives that need to travel around the world might also sponsor an E1 visa for a foreign national.

This is not your standard work visa, you’ll need to be a priority worker.

Apply for the E1 Visa

To apply for the E1 visa¬†from within the United States, you need to fill out the I-129 form. From outside the United States, a DS-160 application is required. It could get tricky when it comes to eligibility. You might be an amazing worker, but still don’t qualify. Talk to an E1 Visa lawyer Los Angeles-based to consult on what you need to qualify.

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