What Causes Roof Damage?

Similar to any part of the home, the roof will gradually be damaged. Actually, due to its contact with the elements, it is one of the main susceptible parts of the home. It is confronted with highest pressure and tension. Sadly the roof is typically the last to get noticed with regards to the maintenance of your home. Most property owners get their walls repainted, or get new toilet fixtures installed however how many get their roof upgraded or even repaired? Despite having new improvements in roofing designs, they still weaken faster than walls.

You will find many factors behind roof deterioration and here are a few of them:

  1. Bad Maintenance – As I have said earlier, the roof is usually the most overlooked part of the home. However when it is regularly inspected by the property owner, any deterioration will be noticed at its early stage and also repairs can be performed right away.
  2. Incorrect Installation – The roof is the most crucial element of your house so, it is advisable to hire an experienced and also certified roofing professional to install it on your house. Before any construction begins in your house ensure that your home builder is properly skilled before letting any work performed on the roof. When your roof is not installed correctly, it might have vendor warranties which are void and these can reduce your roof’s life span. Another issue that contributes to incorrect roof installation is that during the past 10 years, because of frequent changes in the economy, the bidding for new constructions is becoming such intense competition that roofers have cut corners to complete the projects. Such contractors deal with unfavorable climatic conditions in order to meet their completion deadlines and frequently, moisture is stuck in the roofing system that can lead to early roof deterioration.
  3. Weathering and Aging – Once your roof is installed, it starts to deteriorate. Why? It is instantly confronted with the sun, sleet, snow and rain. Intense high temperature dries out the roofing paper and when it is smashed by rain and also high winds from stormy weather, melting and also freezing snow, that trigger reservoirs of water which seeps under roof tiles resulting in severe roof deterioration under the surface area. Hailstorms might also cause serious damage to your homes roof.
  4. Vibrations – Natural calamity like earthquake or even extreme storms like tornadoes and hurricanes might cause damage to your homes roof along with other parts of your house. Even though your house is situated miles away from these incidences in nature, it might get enough impact which will put a pressure on the structure that may later lead to roof deterioration. Several vibrations which can trigger roof damage can come from equipment, machines, air conditioners, truck traffic and railroads.
  5. Mechanical Problems – With all the advancements in the current technology, it is now normal to place many equipment on the roof like air conditioning units, TV and phone antennas, sign supports, and many others. Such equipments give extra weight on the top. Additionally, such equipments commonly need servicing and if a service man moves on the roof, several damage might happen to the roof. Just using a ladder on the roof might cause a minor crack in a flashing that can lead to damage or even leakage down the road.
  6. Falling Objects – objects like branches from trees, small animals, birds and falling objects from nearby houses might cause small roof deterioration. However when these small damages are not inspected and also repaired quickly they might become big issues.

When you pay attention to your homes roof as you do to the walls along with other parts of your home that you regularly maintain or upgrade, you can easily identify roof deterioration at its early stage. If you are a homeowner living in North Richland Hills, TX , You can contact  a professional roofer at Hammerheadroof.com . Quick awareness of roof damage can help you avoid big problems that might result in expensive roof replacement.

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