Ways to Make the Most of a Small Office

Do you have a workshop that’s too small for the tools you want to use? Finally having a dedicated space where you can get projects done is great, but if it’s small, you’ll need to organize everything or you won’t accomplish much. Here are some tips.

Plan First

Before loading all your tools into your new workshop, take time to decide how you’d like things arranged. What would be the most effective way to get work done? Think about what tools should be close to one another so you’re not constantly moving from one part of the shop to another to accomplish mundane tasks.

Make Everything Mobile

Put leveling casters on your table saw so that you can move it against a wall when it’s not needed. The same goes for your workbench and storage cabinets. That way you can pull them out when you need them and roll them back when you want additional floor space for other projects.

Utilize the Wall Space

Add pegboards to the walls so that you can hang your tools. If you can see them easily, you’ll quickly find the right tool you need. Add panels to another wall and then attach baskets and other containers to hold smaller items such as paint cans or caulking guns. Set up shelves to hold mason jars containing smaller items. Be sure to label your jars for ease of identification.

Organize Everything

Organizing your tools and other items is the best way to be creative and productive, so don’t just store things on the walls. Arrange them instead in a way that’s the most useful for you. Place tools you use often nearby. The items you don’t use as much can go further back.

Make or buy a simple shelf and then purchase clear plastic containers. Use these to store other items that can’t be hung on the walls.  Label your totes so you always know what each bin holds.

Make Storage Units Multipurpose

Build cabinets into your workbench so that you can store tools inside. Place in the cabinets tools you typically use on that bench and you save steps and time. Add shelves to the sides of that same bench to provide more storage for smaller tools or other items you frequently use.

Even a small workshop can be a great place to get things done as long as you’re organized, so follow these tips and you’ll enjoy working in your small space.

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