Water Damage Claims Get Underpaid – What to do?

tfgyyuyThere are three main reasons why water damage claims get underpaid. First, adjusters hired by your insurance company work for them. They are incentivized to underestimate your damages so they can reduce claim payouts.

Second, water can cause damage that is extremely subtle and hidden from plain sight and the homeowner does not realize how extensive the damage is and they don’t have an experienced person on their side to help them fully identify the damage.

Third, the claims process is complicated and can be intimidating and most homeowners navigate it alone. There are many dizzying steps all of which are laced with obstacles and traps that could jeopardize your claim at any moment. So for these reasons, most water damage claims get severely underpaid and the homeowner doesn’t get enough money to fully rebuild their home.

So if you have water damage or are going through the claims process, here’s what you need to do we will discuss the details of your damages and I will share the top five secrets that public adjusters like myself use every day to help homeowners like you maximize their property claim settlements so that you can get your home and your life back to normal. So claim your spot in your calendar before it gets booked up!

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