Top Considerations for Doors and Windows in High Wind Areas

mkukuuThe recent Hurricane Dorian brush in Florida left many needing to replace their doors and windows. When choosing a door or window for your home, you want to choose one that can handle the impacts of high winds. Here are some of the most important considerations for doors and windows in hurricane-prone locations.


Hurricanes are always a possibility in the Sunshine State. Hurricanes bring high winds that can rip a door off or cave it in. Impact doors West Palm Beach can withstand flying debris and strong winds. Not to mention, when there is no storm raging outside, they can protect your family from would-be burglars trying to break in. The quality of the door can keep the air pressure dropping outside and not inside your home. This provides overall door protection.


FEMA considers shutters and other panels as separate from windows, but they are important as part of the construction of the home. Shutters can be designed to help the door or window withstand impact from flying debris. The main thing to look for in shutters is their ability to resist pressures imparted by the wind. The glazing of the window must be protected by the shutter when closed during a powerful storm.


Using a glazing system on the windows designed to be impact-resistant is the way to go. These systems use at least two panes of glass. In between the panes, a material such as polyvinyl butyral film fills the space. These assembly systems help prevent water from making its way in even if the outer pane cracks.


Be sure to choose a product that has been tested for high winds and impact. They should have the criteria listed on the materials such as ASTM E1996 certified for glazing systems. Making sure the products you put on your home have the best chance of holding up can mean you have a greater chance of having a home to go to after a storm.

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