Top Benefits of Installing a Keypad Door Lock in Your Orlando Home

Keypad locks allow homeowners to enter their homes without fumbling around for keys at night or calling a locksmith to get back in. They’re also helpful for those with older family members and those who tend to lock themselves out.

Additionally, some models offer innovative capabilities and many other features, such as time-determined access control.


Unlike traditional locks that require keys, these advanced smart locks operate using a security code. Eliminates the need for homeowners to carry, keep track of, or replace keys. It is a significant benefit for both owners and tenants alike.

Moreover, this technology makes granting access to children, guests, and service providers more accessible – who can enter the code to unlock the door. Some systems also offer the ability to set time-determined access control for specific hours.

In addition, these smart locks are more durable than traditional options because they don’t need to endure the constant friction of inserting and turning. However, homeowners should carefully weigh their choices regarding maintenance, security, and connectivity requirements before choosing a system. The right choice will provide them with a convenient entry solution that is both safe and reliable.


Keypad door lock Orlando are one of the best ways to go keyless and safeguard your property. Often, they’re connected to a security system that will keep home and business owners in the know about who comes and goes without permission.

Traditional door locks can pose a significant security risk because they require people to carry keys around all the time, which can be misplaced or stolen. These locks are also easily picked by intruders and can be copied if they fall into the wrong hands.

With keyless locks, there is no need for homeowners or business owners to have extra keys to hand out to repair professionals, dog walkers, or babysitters, as everyone can gain access with a code entry. It eliminates the possibility of those extra keys becoming playthings for kids or potential hackers and gives homeowners high security.

Smart Technology

Keypad locks eliminate the need for homeowners to carry keys, keep track of extra copies and spares, or worry about them getting lost. Instead, residents can enter using a unique code that only they know. This code can be changed if needed and shared with family members, guests, or service providers to provide them with temporary access.

In addition, keypad locks feature hardware that prevents them from being picked or bumped like traditional lock cylinders. It makes them a better security option than other types of locks. Some systems allow tenants to set time-determined locking and unlocking schedules so they don’t have to worry about remembering to lock the door before leaving. Also, many systems let tenants give out temporary codes to repair technicians, babysitters, or dog walkers.

Low Maintenance

Unlike traditional locks, which wear down over time, keypad lock mechanisms are durable. They also don’t require regular maintenance or repairs, making them an eco-friendly and low-maintenance choice for your home.

Using a backlit touch screen or keypad, homeowners enter a custom code to unlock the door. By opting for a single principle that can be shared with guests and service providers, homeowners can confidently eliminate the need for keys, which are often prone to being lost or stolen.

With various keypad lock systems on the market from reputable brands, there are options to fit any budget. Many locks are compatible with smart home devices and mobile apps, providing additional security features such as mobile alerts or remote lock and unlock.

Time-Dependent Access Control

Keypad door locks offer outstanding benefits to homeowners and business owners, making them a desirable choice for people seeking heightened security combined with smooth functionality. Smart locks have eliminated the need for physical keys prone to being lost or stolen and are far more secure than traditional locks as they cannot be picked.

Smart keypad door locks are designed to be easy and intuitive for anyone to use. They work with a numeric keypad similar to the keypad on classic telephones and intercom systems, so they are familiar to most people.

Homeowners can grant their guests or service professionals access by sending them the code in a text message or calling them from their smartphone. They can also set time-determined lock and unlock schedules to help them save on energy costs.


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