Tips To Remove Musty Smells From Your Home

If you’re suddenly noticing a musty smell lingering in your home, you want it gone fast. This kind of dank odor usually means there’s moisture lurking somewhere. Here are four tips to help you locate and get rid of mustiness once and for all.

Check Your Rugs

One of the first places to check for dampness is your area rugs. If you’ve been tracking in water or snow, it’s possible they’re harboring odor. You can fix musty smelling carpets by taking them in for a professional cleaning and rug drying Portland to remove all traces of dirt and moisture.

Look in the Basement

Basements are already creepy and sometimes they can smell that way, too. Occasionally there’s moisture getting in that you’re not aware of. Look for cracks in the wall, signs of mold and water stains. If the basement is stinky because of humid weather, fans or a dehumidifier can solve the problem.

Deep Clean the House

When you’re not exactly sure where a funky smell is coming from, deep clean the entire house. Built-up dust can begin to smell, so clean ceiling fans, window sills and behind furniture. Chances are you’ll locate where it’s coming from and your air will be fresher.

Open Your Windows

If your home has been closed up, it could develop a weird aroma. This is the best case scenario and the easiest one to solve. Open your windows and doors to get fresh air flowing through the house. Use your kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans to help. Avoid using a room spray as it won’t solve the problem, only mask it temporarily.

Improve Air Quality

While no one wants a musty odor in their home, the smell is telling you something is wrong. The sooner you locate the source, the quicker you can eliminate it. This lessens your chance of moisture damage and improves your air quality.

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