Three Trendy Ways to Use Dark Colors in Your Home

bgfutruAdding a pop of color to any room helps things feel interesting and lively, but many homeowners are afraid to experiment with dark colors. While an overwhelmingly dark room can feel gloomy and small, a strategically placed dark hue can add interest, drama and depth to any space. If your home needs sprucing up, here are three trendy ways you can use dark colors to give your space an amazing makeover.

Embrace the Beauty of a Black Tile Shower

Updating your tile shower walls Atlanta can do wonders for your bathroom. While white is a traditional choice, consider the bold look of black tile instead. Your chrome or brass colored fixtures will truly stand out from the dark background, creating a luxurious and stylish look. If you live in an area with hard water, make sure you use a daily rinsing solution to keep your tile looking flawless by preventing streaks and spots.

Create an Exciting Accent Wall

Whether you use paint or wallpaper, an accent wall brings focus and interest to any space and can be used to highlight your favorite features or accents. If you plan to use a variety of wall art, stick with a solid color. However, a unique texture or pattern can turn your wall into its own individual work of art.

Choose a Bold, Eye-catching Rug

An oversized floor rug can pull an entire room together. Rugs are also the perfect way to experiment with dark colors without making too much of a commitment. Solid dark carpets show dust and dirt very easily, so consider a pattern to hide the signs of everyday life. Even if you own carpeted floors, a bold rug is a great choice in any home.

When you’re ready to make a change to your home’s interior, give bold dark colors a try. You can create a trendy and unique look by simply swapping for a darker hue.

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