This is How I Remove Mold from Wood

hhfhfMold loves wet conditions. If you find mold on the siding of your home, the furniture, wooden deck and window frames then you are having trouble. Molds can be found nearly everywhere; mold can grow on any specific surface, especially when moisture exists. This health risk must be removed as soon as possible.

I had to remove mold from wooden name that my brother-in-law made for me a few years. He made this wooden name sign because my house was difficult to find. We hung the name sign by the doorway. The however, over the years, a black mold gradually covered the name sign, and we decided to take it down.

How can I remove the mold? An article on, says wooden surfaces infested by mold can be cleaned with cleaning agent and water. Absorbent areas, such as carpet, should be replaced. Considerable infested mold, such as basement walls, need specialized cleaning.

One of the article on that site, “How to remove mold from wood,” contains more tips about mold removal. Actually, power washing is also recommended for mold removal on smooth surface areas like decks. Uneven and difficult to reach areas can be cleaned with power spray by using dry ice or baking soda. Also you can clean mold affected areas by sanding them, this is not recommended. This is a time-consuming, labor involved procedure that may be unworkable for any large affected areas.

I went to local home improvement store for more mold removal information. The store came up with mold test products and solutions, wash products, which were typically bleach, and fast mold remover, . The wood cleaning agents were offered only in big sizes. A staff recommended this product to me and he also said this product was also available online.

I bought a few bottles of cleaner and then I tested each one. The product worked best. I wore rubber gloves, laid down the sign flat, sprayed it, and then used a kitchen clothe to rub it. I did this 3 times. After that I rinsed the name sign and dried it under the hot sun. After a few hours, when the name sign was totally dry, I sanded it and then sealed the surface. The product was practical and easy to use and it might work for your wood maintenance job.

You might not realize that your home infested by mold. Not only knowing how to remove mold from wood, you also need to know how to inspect your home for signs or symptoms of mold, leaks, spills and moisture. Avoiding moisture is fundamental key to preventing mold. If you find mold, even in the corner of a window frame, remove it quickly.

As I am unable to control the weather conditions, I know I will need to remove the mold from the name sign again. However that is several years away. Now, the name sign is completely clean, sparkling, and back to the original condition by the front door. I really like it and so do the others who live nearby.

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