Things you should know about Microcement

Microcement is a cement-based material that is installed on the floors by hand to produce a smooth finish. The finish is just like what you might expect to see with polishing concrete. Since it is trowelled by hand, you will get fantastic texturing to the floor that will not be replicated in other places. Microcement is the excellent floor finish for those who are trying to find an alternative choice to tile or wood floors. It produces a neutral seamless, soft, fashionable base layer so that you can create your interiors around.

You will find natural variations in color, according to where in the land the concrete is produced and variations in the stone sizes, colors and distribution. So you might discover that a polishing concrete surface is much more varied in its texture. This works wonderfully when you are trying to find a raw industrial look. Polished concrete is extremely strong and you will achieve wonderful reflections in it. Microcement is warmer, softer and the texture is more evenly distributed.

In contrast to the majority of floorings and also vertical coating methods, Microcement is customizable with a broad selection of colors and also the opportunity to create preferred patterns. Moreover at Festfloor Poland they are able to ensure that every project has some unique signature which features the quality of your wall and flooring finishes. Microcement floors will always be unique. The finish is waterproof on the obvious surface, making it ideal in areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, wet rooms, showers, or even as coatings for your bathtubs.

The microcement that Festfloor use for all their floors has been specifically made for high traffic locations. So, it is more durable and stronger than many other products available on the market. After sealed, the microcement offers amazing stain resistance that can last for decades.

One thing to remember is that microcement takes 30 days to totally harden. So, it must be protected with a covering for the first few weeks.

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