The Ultimate Guide to Hiring the Best Woodworking Contractor

Many woodworking projects require precision. It is especially true when cutting, shaping, and sanding. That’s why using the right tools for each task is important.

A good way to assess a woodworking firm is by asking them two basic questions. These questions will reveal whether they’re capable of meeting your needs and if they’re cost-effective.


You want to find a woodworking contractors Edgewater MD with experience in your woodworking project. Try to see a few examples of their work in person. It will give you an idea of their quality and craftsmanship. Ask them about their previous projects and what it was like working with them. You can also ask them to put you in touch with their past clients.

During your phone calls, narrow your list to contractors who professionally answered your questions and concerns and were excited about your project. It is also a good idea to include change order provisions in your contract, as unforeseen issues may arise that will impact the timeline and cost of your project. For example, dry rot might need to be addressed. It must be discussed and resolved quickly and fairly before major work begins.


When you call potential contractors, listen carefully to their answers. How well do they communicate their experience, knowledge, and ability to execute the project you need? Choose 4-6 contractors who speak professionally and respectfully, answer your questions satisfactorily, and seem excited and interested in the project.

Ask for references and schedule in-person meetings. During these meetings, pay attention to small indicators of professionalism like punctuality, job site cleanliness, and carefulness with personal property. It’s also important to understand how potential issues or problems are handled. If there’s a problem, see how the contractor resolves it—both qu and amicably. Also, request paper copies of licensing and insurance for your records. Ultimately, the person you hire will be part of your life for a while, so first impressions are critical! Be wary of anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable.

Customer Service

Although many businesses have a set of service guidelines that they adhere to, some customers may require more patience from a business to reach their expectations. It is especially true if the customer is particularly demanding or needs to be assisted with more complex issues.

When reviewing contractors, please consider their professionalism and how well they communicate with you. It includes whether they answer your questions quickly and thoroughly, return your calls on time, and keep appointments and meeting times. Also, pay attention to the details of the contract you review. It should include detailed information on handling unexpected differences, including change order provisions and warranties.

In addition, ask for referrals from past clients. Contact these references to learn about the contractor’s work ethic, integrity, punctuality, and job site cleanliness. It can help you narrow your choices and find a contractor to fit your project.


When you meet with contractors, ask for pricing quotes on the entire job and what they anticipate as a timeline. Also, note their request for payment schedules and whether they require down or final payments. Lastly, ask for paper copies of their licensing and insurance for your records and sample contracts.

When comparing prices, it is best to have apples-to-apples information on materials such as cabinets, wood, and drywall. This way, you can better understand their pricing structure and what they might cost for unforeseen issues that arise during the project. Once you have narrowed your list to 4-6 contractors that answered questions professionally and respectfully and seemed excited about the project, schedule in-person meetings to discuss your needs further.


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