The Problems Tornadoes Leave Behind

fdfefr3For some unknown reason, scientists are reporting that tornadoes have been on the increase each year since 1980. Since there were 51 active tornadoes in 1980 throughout all of Oklahoma and 140 in 2019, it is easy to see that is certainly true. Although you may not know why a tornado may strike your area, you are sure to feel the after effects. Here just some of the many problems tornadoes leave behind.


With reports that a car can be picked up and flung more than 25 miles away, you may be wondering how far a tornado can throw smaller items. The fact is, no one knows. When the debris settles though, unfamiliar items can be found for miles around – and that is scary. Tornadoes can even carve deep paths into the earth and scatter the dirt for miles.

Damaged Foundations

The tornado may hit the earth a mile from you, and you could still feel the effects of the way it hit the earth. That is because of the shock waves moving through the ground as the torrential winds touched in a central spot with terrific force. If you find any cracks in your home’s foundations after a tornado hits the ground near you, call in a team specializing in foundation repairs Tulsa OK. They can let you know if you need to worry about the damage.

Dirty Water

Broken water lines and damaged utilities are also commonly found in tornado zones. Water supplies can become cracked from the ground shocks as well, so be careful when you drink water after the event until your ground water has been tested and certified as safe.

Tornadoes may be severe thunderstorms on steroids, but they are also filled with a rage that few other storms can compete with. If you are anywhere near a tornado when it settles in and the wind shear hits the ground, hide – and live to tell about the storm of epic proportions.

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