The importance of Damp Proofing

Damp proofing is important when you are a property owner. It is appertains to the measures taken to prevent moisture issues in your home. Damp issues are induced by rainwater. When treatment is not done to remove moisture, it might cause health issues and damage your house. The easiest method to stop moisture is to set up a damp proofing in floors or walls. This barrier is often known as DPC (damp proof course). It is built to prevent water seepage into indoor surfaces. A damp proofing also protects wood from rotting and maintains the whole building from structural deterioration.

Leaks can be a major cause of damp

Leaks can be a major reason for damp in your home. Whether the leaks are centered on one area of the wall, they will result in penetrating moist or damp rot. When you have observed some local damp areas on the wall, it might be time for you to find waterproofing services. Before doing this, check the local gutters and also downpipes. When some of these components are defective, you may be dealing with a damp problem. Then, analyze the spot for cracks, impaired joints or even rotten seals. It is also recommended that you  install gutter guards to protect it from dampness. Existence of these minor issues would mean that rainfall might be dripping out of a common pipe joint in the damp area. A damp that shows up under a flat roof implies that the felt is actually weak. When the damp area is right under the window, the issue might be badly fitted window frame and seal. Dampness near the chimney might indicate broken tiles and flashing.

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