The Growing Trend of Divorce Real Estate Specialists

Divorce statistics continue to rise with over 50% of marriages ending in divorce. The reasons differ from couple to couple but the one thing that remains a common challenge is the house left after the dissolution of the marriage. Real Estate is already a nightmare to handle when you have your wits about you, now imagine having to deal with that and all the other psychological issues that come with finalizing a divorce? This is why a Divorce Real Estate Specialist is the solution to all your real estate needs when you’re going through a divorce. So, you can worry about the emotional side of things while you let a professional handle the important details related to your estate.

What Do They Do?

A Divorce Real Estate Specialist is an estate professional who specializes in rounding up the divorce estate. Their training primarily focuses on the legal and tax aspects of divorce procedures within real estate. This ensures that they’re equipped to assist clients to understand the regulations and all the advantages in tax laws when it comes to selling the house once everything is finalized. Some of the important things that a Divorce Real Estate Specialist takes care of on behalf of you as their client is below.


They consult with all the parties involved. If the parties request individual meetings then it isn’t an issue. This is done to get all the necessary information on the divorce settlement.

Home Evaluation

This is the most important part of the process because the value of your home pertains to the division of assets. This home evaluation can also be used to show the market value of your property in court.


Divorce shaming is an actual thing in most communities and families. Sometimes it’s a matter of protecting your status as an individual. Whatever your reason behind wanting things to remain confidential, it doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is that your Specialist will ensure that your privacy is their priority. 

A Growing Niche

Unfortunately, the economic crisis has been one of the factors contributing to the increasing number of divorces taking place. Which has resulted in high demand for Divorce Real Estate Specialists. To be part of this specialized practice a person needs to get certification from a reputable agency. Certification will give you advantages such as increased referrals, better networking opportunities, and a chance to earn more money. 

Having a Divorce Real Estate Specialist isn’t a prerequisite to round up your divorce estate. If you want to stick to a normal real estate agent, then that is allowed. It just helps to hire someone with the expertise and a track record of dealing with divorce estate processes. An agent with exceptional communication and negotiation skills is just the right kind that one needs in such unpredictable circumstances. 

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