Surprising Things You Can Clean In Your Dishwasher

metyHave you ever wondered what more you can clean in your dishwasher besides dishes and kitchenware? Here are some amazing cleaning hacks provided by  on how you can use your dishwasher for things other then dishes.

There are lots of household items made of glass, plastic, metal and other materials similar to your kitchenware and dishes. Surprisingly, they can all be washed in the dishwasher. Stuff like kitchen tools, home décor, grooming tools, bathroom accessories, kids toys, gardening /outdoor tools, sports equipment, pets accessories, car accessories and tools can be comfortably cleaned in the dishwasher.

Kitchen Tools

Use your dishwasher to clean kitchen tools like refrigerator shelves and bins, kitchen sponges and brushes, drawer hardware, microwave turntables and kitchen exhauster fan filter and cover.

Personal Grooming Tools

You can comfortably wash your hair combs and brushes, pedicure and manicure tools and facial scrub brushes in your dishwasher.

Pet Accessories

Vets recommend occasional washing of pet accessories like food bowls, pet toys, leashes and collars in running water and a dishwasher can be an amazing place.

Kid’s Toys

You can wash your kid’s plastic toys, bath toys, building blocks, teething rings and pacifiers in your dishwasher.

Other tools and equipment

Use your dishwasher to occasionally clean garden tools, flower pots, rubber boots, flip flops, mouth and shin guards, yard toys, golf balls, baseball caps, car keys, cup holders, rubber floor mats, hubcaps, greasy tools to make them sparkling clean.

Leave your home décor items like vases, fixtures, desk accessories, switch plates and HVAC vent grates sparkling clean by using your dishwasher to remove every dust and clammy grime

Is That All? No!

Your bathroom accessories like toothbrush holders, soap dishes, drawer organizers, exhaust fan covers, sponges, brushes and more are not left behind. If you never knew, there’s a lot you can do with your dishwasher.

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