Smart Homes Can Be Dangerous

Although they are all the rage, smart homes have some hidden dangers. If you are planning on adding smart features to your home, check out these risks to protect yourself before your purchase.

Ample Wiring

Unless your home has a dedicated smart wiring room, there probably isn’t ample wattage for your home to become smart. Although people may turn to “plug and play” devices that are easy to install, there is still a drain on the structure every time another component is added to the system. Call an electrician near me to ensure your home is hardwired to support all the smart devices within.

Smart Doorbells

By now, almost everyone knows that your personal information is collected and sold by various companies to pigeonhole you for advertising services. However, did you know your smart doorbell listens to and collects everything you or your neighbors say when nearby? That means if your front door is open and you are having a private discussion, you can bet the conversation is no longer private!

Talking Devices

Yes, those devices that you can talk to are fun to use. You can ask for music, the weather or even useful facts. But did you know those devices can be used to buy items from parent websites? Yes, your child can ask the device to buy a new doll, the latest fashion outfit or a new book. Thankfully, before your friends can prank you or your children learn they can use that feature, you can restrict the ability to purchase anything.

Indoor Cameras

Perhaps the worst possible threat imposed by a smart article inside your home is when it is used against you to invade your privacy. The potential for indoor cameras to be hacked is a nightmare scenario that has proven true thousands of times over the past decade. If you don’t want a stranger watching your children on your indoor camera, make sure your password is unbreakable. Or, better yet, cover your cameras when you are not actively using them.

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