Smart farming using transplanting

Farming is the epitome of every growing and rising society. Gone are the days when farming entailed hard labor for low production. The invention of modern and digital farming tools has made it easy to farm.

Tomato transplanter

This is a DUAL 12 GOLD transplanting farm machine used to cultivate tomatoes, salad, and onions on a large scale. It has a double-jointed parallelogram that is equipped for the production of 6000 plants per hour.

Importance of a tomato transplanter

The DUAL 12 GOLD machine utilizes the latest technology to increase efficiency in the farm. It has gained international recognition at Eima in bologna, Sima in Paris, Fima in Zaragoza, and many other parts of the world. The four-bar linkage for every transporting unit makes it unique compared to other transplanters.

  • Reduces the operational cost by half; the tomatoes transplanter works simultaneously in two rows. This reduces the labor cost since only one person supervises the two rows.Increases time efficiency; the amount of time for cultivation takes ages when human resources have been optimized. The tomato transplanter serves a range of 6000 plants per hour. This means a lot of time to handle other farming projects.
  • Creates a conducive pro-active working environment; the workers work comfortably under minimal supervision since they use less energy when manning and working with the transplanter. This helps workers focus on their work giving quality and perfect performances.
  • Safety and quality; the availability of international patent aids with intellectual property protection. When transplanting, workers can differentiate the bad seedlings from good; quality is assured.
  • Environmental friendly; the plant’s seedlings allow the roots to penetrate the soil well. This way, your plants grow under proper moisture and temperatures.

The transplanting process is a lot easier with the help of DUAL 12 GOLD. production increases per hour and reduces the cost of labor. The industrial market needs quality and proper supply. The transplanter gives you enough spacing, which helps the regular uniform supply of water to the seedlings. When plants receive enough sunlight, nutrients, and a regular water supply, the yields are incredible.

Plastic Mulch Transplanter

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