Small Apartment Decorating Hacks

bgtftdI picked up a lot of second-hand home decor pieces for very cheap. I don’t know how people do this where they move into an apartment and they somehow are able to completely furnish and completely fill up all their spaces and fill up all their shelves, because we’ve lived here for two to three years now. So it continues to be a work in progress but as you know it gets really expensive to do home decor. But these are some small apartment decor hacks that you can do to maximize on the space that you have.

So the first hack that you want to do is to build up. You want to maximize all the wall space that you have even if it’s a rental unit. You can have some very space friendly wall hangings that you can put with command strip you can add shelves. And even this like little nook in our bedroom, it’s just this tiny little corner so we took some really small shelves and they’re white so then they blend right into this space. And we use decor and plants to fill out that space.

I have a backdrop system as well and I’ll have my office decor. I’ve been doing an office rental and that’ll be a separate article but I just wanted to note that this is hung right above the door where it was a space that would have never been used. Which brings me to my next point. If you have small knickknacks and you have small decor pieces, I think that those pieces are actually necessary for the home because that’s what makes your home your home. It’s really nice to come home and be able to look at something that just kind of, it just kind of greets you like.

This is your place, welcome home. Aside from the memorabilia pieces, almost everything on this shelf is thrifted. So everything you find can actually be very affordable, you just have to be a bit more creative about where you look for it. With this shelf, is that one standout piece? This is a very random area; it’s kind of like in-between our entryway. It’s an open concept kind of apartment so the space used to be really like; this is where we hid all of our books behind the mirror.


It was a huge eyesore and it was right in front like right when you walk in the door you’ll see it. I know that there are lots of shelves that you can buy and technically a shelf can be just like the white ones that we have in our bedroom. They can be used to blend into the apartment and bring out your decor pieces, but they can also be a standout piece on its own. In each room I try to do my best to invest in one standout piece. When we first moved into our place we didn’t have a bed, so it wasn’t until we moved into this apartment, so our second home did we actually buy a bed frame. So everything we do, we try to save up for. We look for that one thing that we really want and then you just wait. And I have this little nook in my apartment where it looks out to the street and it looks out to the park and this is just the perfect armchair. When you find a chair that is so deep that you could like settle in on it perfectly and put up your feet because I always put up my feet.


Like I have my feet up right now. That is the piece that’s worth investing in in my case. Love that it’s velvet and I love that it’s surrounded by all my plants. There is always space for plants and for some reason it just never looks too cluttered. And it adds so much life to your room no matter if you live in a studio apartment whatever. If you could find space to even hang your plants, there’s always space for plants. So we try to enforce very strict rules in this house is not to buy unitaskers, especially in the kitchen. Well like one thing I have is zucchini a zoodler and those, that’s a unitasker. It only does one thing. We really try to slim down on bulky pieces and choose multi-tasking items. Because it’s just the two of us we kind of decided to not get a dining table. We put stools around the coffee table. Our coffee table also lifts up into a table it’s opened up the room a lot more and it felt like a worthy sacrifice. Sacrifice? I feel like some rules are meant to be broken, but you do want to stick to a relatively neutral color scheme in terms of furniture. I’ll only have a couple of accent color pieces like the side table and then the copper floor lamp. Little pinkish tones from the pink side-table bring it back to the bedroom with the headboard.


Like this couch for example, is not a couch to the floor. It has legs and even though I’ve put storage underneath it still keeps things light. If you notice a lot of my furniture still has legs so it’s not just a block of furniture. For the entire home I follow this rule where it’s unless it’s for display you put it away.

If you see my washroom countertops like I have a randomly big side of a countertop in my washroom I know a lot of people will have their makeup in like clear cases and on their countertop but I actually keep all of my makeup in the drawers. So you use your decor pieces to make your statement instead of your clutter. So if you want to maintain that neutral color scheme but your house is looking kind of drab, it needs a bit of life to it, you can add texture instead of color like this super soft throw. It’s just a nice off-white but the way that the light plays with it you know like it creates a lot more dimension you want to add warm textures and like in a land of stainless steel appliances putting in pieces like this kind of makes you even feel warmer already. You know like naked on a bearskin rug kind of homey and cozy. So I hope you guys enjoyed this article if you like home decor articles let us know and if you have any requests let me know. I’ll continue to be thrifting home decor and also working around the house because there’s still a lot of stuff that we do need to work on.


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