Six Methods Used By Pest Control Services

Pest control services are used by homes and businesses to get rid of infestations caused by pests. Pests cause problems because they damage property, spread disease, make people sick, and sometimes even kill people. Many different pests can invade buildings like rats, mice, cockroaches, termites, bedbugs, ants, and more. The following methods for pest control may be used alone or in combination with others:


Prevention is a commonly used method by pest control services to reduce pest activity in homes or businesses. Pests most likely attracted to a building are ants, cockroaches, and mice. For a pest control service to prevent these pests from infesting an establishment, they can hire special equipment such as dogs that can smell the chemical pests. Also, they can use human inspectors to search for any spots where they could be entering a building’s living space.


Exclusion is another preventative measure when seeking pest Control Near Me. They help create a home or business environment that makes it highly undesirable for particular insects using mesh screens on windows, doors, pipes, and other possible entry points that keep out animals like wasps, rodents, and bats. This method is highly successful with animals because their sense of touch is much greater than humans.


Sanitation is crucial to the prevention of pest infestation. Pests are attracted to filth and unclean homes or businesses. Sanitation decreases the attraction of pests by eliminating their food, water, and shelter sources. This includes removing clutter, killing insects that may be indoors, checking plants for bugs, sealing holes where insects crawl in and out of buildings and removing all potential entry points for larger animals like rodents or bats.

Habitat Modification

Habitat modification is another way professional pest management companies reduce pest activity around a home or business, including limiting outdoor areas that attract certain types of pests like wasps or squirrels. Outdoor modifications include removing debris, reducing the amount of clutter or hiding places for animals and effectively maintaining landscaping to help decrease pest activity.

Mechanical/Physical Control

Mechanical control is another way professional pest management companies employ, including evicting pests using traps or deterrents like ultrasonic repellents. These methods are usually the first line of defence against insects (like ants) that can easily be killed with physical removal rather than pesticides since they are only minor. Pest control services may also use devices that automatically kill insects that crawl inside them like boric acid products to prevent infestation in specific areas like attics or cabinets where insecticides cannot be used safely.

Chemical Control

Chemical control is one of the most common techniques professional pest management companies use to address an insect problem in a building or on property. The chemicals are not always harmful, but it is important to note that they can cause side effects, especially with children and pets, if misused. Chemicals are also dangerous when stored incorrectly, increasing the risk of accidents among employees or customers.The methods of pest control are different. You should ensure that you choose the plan that suits your needs and does not pose a health hazard.

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