Residential Cargo Lifts for Your Heavy Lifting Needs

gtthrIf you have ever lived in an upper story apartment or in a house with steep stairs, you know the pain of lugging appliances, furniture and boxes up and down stairs. It can be a discouraging and daunting process that makes moving into a new place seem dreadful. However, there are ways to make moving or hauling heavy items up the stairs less taxing on both your mind and body.

Use a Dolly

While not always the easiest thing to use, a dolly can help you haul things up stairs without having to carry them in front of you. This can help when you have large boxes that you are afraid to climb the stairs holding. It does take some practice to get used to steering the dolly up stairs, but it can help when you are trying to do the job alone.

Install a Lift

Residential cargo lifts are becoming more popular in many areas because people with elevated houses (such as beach houses) have found the need to have a permanent way of transporting things to a upper floor. These lifts attach to the outside of the house and can be loaded with groceries, furniture or heavy boxes.

Hire a Moving Service

While this option will not prove effective for those simply wishing to take a heavy load of groceries upstairs, it can be helpful for those moving into a new home or apartment. A moving service will likely have the equipment needed to lift heavy items and take them upstairs without you having to worry about doing it yourself. While this can be an expensive option, it can save your back much pain and pulling.

Transporting items to an upper level of your home is never an easy task, but with modern aids you can get the help you have been needing.

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