Reasons to Rearrange Your Kitchen with Post-It Notes

ghqaI had some trouble deciding what goes where in my new kitchen. So, rather than pulling EVERYTHING out (as some organization techniques suggest), I discovered a much easier game plan and it doesn’t waste my time either. I labeled the doors and drawers with Post-It Notes.  On each note, I wrote the various kitchen contents I own.  Then, I moved the little notes around until I found the most logical fit.

Label with Post-It Notes

What I love…

1.  No kitchen clutter all over the counter tops.   With a Little One in the house, my kitchen is used all. day. long.  Performing kitchen tasks with all our contents strewn around would be stressful and chaotic.

2.  Allows for frequent (and easy!) changes until the perfect spot is found.  I’m of the tradition that everything has a place to belong AND that place should be convenient to the task at hand.

In other words, if I’m baking muffins, I don’t want the bowls next to the fridge, the wooden spoons in the island’s drawer, and the muffin tins over in the pantry. Arrangement should be in logical groups to complete a task efficiently.  (Mmmmm, anyone else have the urge to go bake blueberry muffins?)  ?

cb7653.  A bonus discovery: things are easy to locate with a temporary labeling system on every door and drawer.

While the labels won’t remain there forever (I’ve already removed most of the tags), they have helped me get accustomed to my surroundings as I learn the new layout. No more opening 5 drawers just to find the cheese grater.

4.  Cost effective.  Please don’t waste your hard earned money on kitchen arranging kits available for moving.  Post-It Note labeling is the same concept but costs only a few pennies in comparison.  Nuf said!

5.  Simple enough and does NOT waste time.  Sure, pulling everything out to evaluate the contents has its place in the organizing world, just not here in my heavily trafficked, frequently used kitchen.

6.  A declutter strategy.  As I moved around the cabinet contents, it was a perfect opportunity to send unused items packing (aka the donate pile).  Which, let’s face it, every once in a while we just need to purge the innards of our cupboards and closets.  This is an impromptu way to get it done.  ?

And there ya have it, Rearrange with Post-It Notes

nu89It really helped me get settled!  Whether moving to a new home or just rearranging your own kitchen’s “trouble spots”, I’m confident you will find this solution helpful.

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