Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane

When a hurricane threatens an area, homeowners must consider personal safety as well as home protection. Evacuation offers your family security, but the intense gale still has the ability to harm the residence, exposing it to water and wind damage. Is it possible to get ahead of the trouble? To avoid returning to a disaster, residents may take the following steps to minimize concerns.

1. Examine the Structure for Defects

Each fall and spring have experts check on the building’s integrity, catching any issues when they’re small. For example, a roof inspection in Daytona Beach could reveal problems with missing shingles or clogged gutters. Holes in the roof permit water penetration that could lead to mold development and collapses. Clean gutters allow for proper water flow, avoiding accumulation on the rooftop.

2. Establish Barriers

Mother Nature is going to do her thing. While you cannot hold her back, you can fortify the property against her. Homes in flood zones may place sandbags around the perimeter, keeping the water buildup outside. Windows are another vulnerable area. Inspect them, caulking weak spots. People previously used to tape in an x format, thinking it would keep glass together. This is no longer recommended. Consider placing plywood over the glass instead.

4. Pick Up the Yard

Remove potential hazards. Walk around the grounds, picking up objects that could become flying missiles. Wind speeds have the ability to turn a simple, innocent toy into a serious menace. If something isn’t tied down, then bring it inside. Store lawn furniture in a garage, and disassemble trampolines and unsecure play equipment. Pick up large branches, trim large branches and secure young, weak foliage. If not done, these things could fly into windows and siding.

Devoting time and effort to early interventions is important. Preventative measures may save your property from expensive repairs.

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