Plumber Training – What you should know

ghikuudttThere are so many careers that you have the option of entering into these days that it can be a dizzying choice to make. You may have already gone through the list of lawyers, doctors, nurses, engineers, travel agents, managers, and more. Oddly enough, one of the most needed occupations of all probably never even MAKES that list. A career plumber is someone EVERYONE needs at some point in time.

While this is a career that seems to never get the amount of respect it deserves, it should be known that becoming a plumber isn’t an easy task. In fact, before you can even be accepted into formal training for plumbers, you must take a test to see if you qualify. This test is designed to find out if you’re capable of performing simple math calculations as well as word problems. The amount of time spent training to be a plumber is typically 3 years made up of 144 hours of class work. Sometimes the training can take up to 4 to 5 years to complete.

If you are dedicated and learn quickly, you can complete your training in less time, but you should complete the formal training of 3 years in order to reach the level of a skilled plumber. This is a requirement. Plumbers who take shorter training courses typically find it harder to get a job later. This does serve to help you somewhat, though, if you opt for an intense short course following the 3 year training period. It keeps you up to date on new procedures and technology.

It’s advisable to sign on with a plumbing company or an experienced independent plumber as an apprentice. You should do this either while in the basic plumber training classes or immediately following the completion of them. If you want to specialize later, you should take your apprenticeship very seriously to gain the experience you need. Apprentices usually make about half of what a professional’s income is. You may begin making as much as the professionals within a year or 2, depending on your performance.

Those who are taking the formal plumber’s training programs have good future prospects for a career. One reason for this is that there is a large plumber shortage while the demand is increasing. Due to this situation, plumbers are now making more money than ever before. Currently, the UK needs around 30,000 plumbers and they will make an average of 90 pounds an hour.

Plumbers won’t need to worry about unemployment. To go along with this, plumber training courses now cost a lot less to take compared to what they will make. An example of what a plumber is capable of in the future comes from the UK, where skilled plumbers are making up to 100,000 pounds annually and only working 2 to 4 business days weekly. Prove yourself to be a skilled plumber, and the jobs will come to you.

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