Our Ultimate Guide to Inside Repainting with a Sprayer

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Our hope is that this guide will certainly help you discover how to utilize a paint sprayer with confidence! I know it seems challenging, however, it really isn’t once you know what you’re doing. Keep in mind that we are DIY residence renovators who are discovering as we go– absolutely not specialist painters. Let’s explore all the details!

Why we select to spray paint as opposed to roll

There are plenty of advantages to spraying paint rather than utilizing standard painting techniques. Spraying paint is an absolutely various frame of mind than rolling or utilizing a brush due to the fact that the majority of the moment, as well as energy, enters into properly prepping the room. That suggests making use of plastic, paper, and also tape to cover anything you do not want painted– and being extremely mindful and also detail-oriented while doing so! For us, there were a couple of primary reasons that we chose to spray paint rather than roll:

Ceiling height

Our ceiling gets to 15 ′ high, so using a roller would certainly have been incredibly tough, time consuming, and also untidy. Just consider all the splatter! And also, we would certainly need to basically construct scaffolding in order to repaint our ceiling rather than standing on a ladder with the extensive spray nozzle. My arms are worn out just thinking about it!

The amount of surface needing to be repainted

Another reason we picked to spray paint is because we were generally paint fifty percent of the house the same shades and also it’s an extremely open space. Spraying paint enabled us to effectively repaint this large space done in one dropped swoop.

An investment in future improvements

To us, this is a truly big house. It’s a 4 bed, 2 bath and 2000 sqft. We have a great deal of paint to do … so purchasing a paint sprayer made sense for us– especially given that we additionally require to paint the exterior of the cabin and also the outside of our store space/garage. I encourage you to consider how many various other jobs you might deal with before buying a sprayer. It can also make good sense for you to just rent one!
Is it faster to utilize a house painting sprayer?

Honestly … I don’t understand the answer to this from our experience because we had numerous debacles (a wind tornado knocking down a tree, losing power and pipes for several days, etc). My assumption is that of course, it is really faster since it just took about half an hour to paint the entire living room! The genuine taxing part is preparing to spray. That is where the actual investment in time is greater. It most likely took us 2-3 days to obtain whatever taped off, masked, as well as covered in plastic. That consists of every one of our home windows, skylights, the upstairs walkway/catwalk, doors, as well as anything else we really did not desire painted.

But once you’ve done all the prep work, spraying is so much faster as well as way simpler. I found it to be way much less physical since you’re not constantly obtaining your paint in the roller, rolling paint over your head, and so on. Taking into consideration that my sciatic nerve pain was acting up during this whole task, I am actually grateful we selected a less-physical approach of painting!

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