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Colorado Springs is known for its spectacular mountainous views, nearby Pikes Peak, and the Air Force Academy. Locals appreciate supporting each other, and that includes when it comes to hiring our local locksmith in Colorado Springs.

The reason it matters to find a quality local locksmith nearby boils down to safety and security as well as convenience and cost. A reliable, qualified locksmith tackles a wide array of lock and key needs on the spot and will fit it into your schedule, even if it is an emergency locksmith situation that occurs overnight or during a holiday or weekend. However, there are a couple things you need to know when looking for a local locksmith.


National Vs. Local


You saw the local ad, and everything about the ad made you believe that the service was located nearby. What you need to know is that not every locksmith who advertises as being local is really what they say. There are many locksmith companies who advertise as being local but are answering a phone from a far away remote location. These national companies may even use a local phone number so they appear local, but don’t be fooled! Why does this matter? Because when you need them, your call is redirected to a national call center where someone will probably answer the phone with a generic greeting, like, “Locksmith Service”. When you hand up, you will be assured that there is a locksmith on the way, but in reality, the locksmith that has been dispatched is most likely subcontracted or not properly qualified to properly provide you the services you need or is coming from a faraway spot.


On the other hand, Local companies make it a priority to build a trusting client relationship with you. This is something a national call center does not care about, because it doesn’t matter to them if you are located in your city or another city they service. If the dispatched serviceman does show up, there is no incentive for them to build a trusting client relationship for return service like there is for a local company who, if they do a good job, will be first in your mind to call when you need them again.


A local locksmith will want to not just show up and do a half-hearted job during an emergency, but they will work hard to develop a working relationship with their local clients. When they show up quickly, you can be sure that they will arrive with the tools and proper training to get the job done right the first time.

Count on our local locksmith in Colorado Springs to get your keys duplicated, locks changed or re-keyed and to know when one service is needed over another, saving you money. These qualified technicians will also be able to assist you with residential, commercial, and automobile locksmith needs.

locksmith works

When you have a lock and key emergency or are in a dangerous are late at night, you need help, and you need it quickly. Don’t waste even a second waiting on someone to arrive from a national call center locksmith service. Call our local locksmith in Colorado Springs to assist you with all of your locksmith needs whether they are an emergency or an appointment scheduled at your convenience. Start comparing professional locksmiths in the area before your emergency arises, and then keep their number for when you need it.

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