Oak flooring – How it can attract the homeowners’ heart in Sydney

Many homeowners in Sydney are interested in oak flooring. The long-lasting, multipurpose flooring material has become a standard in most homes in Sydney for decades. Not only is the timber wonderful, it is also solid, durable, and can improve your home value. This informative article will take a detailed glance at the top features of oak flooring and why it can attract the homeowners’ heart.

Overall Looks

Oak flooring is available in two main species: red oak and white oak. Both equally have tight, persistent grain patterns, though red oak’s is a bit more aesthetically stunning. When it comes to color, oak comes with a broad variety of wonderful tones. From grays and pale whites to dark reddish brown, the warm color of oak flooring can easily match your home design schemes.


Oak is a variety that truly puts the firmness in hardwood flooring. According to whether you are making use of white or red oak, the solidity rating may range from 1,390 pounds to 1,490 pounds. Mix these great ratings with a high density, and you will have floors which can withstand a lot of usage. Install the oak flooring with a top quality sealant, varnish and stain, and you will expect to have new floors that can last for decades. You will find several top quality oak flooring providers in Sydney that can provide an impressive selection of solid oak floor and engineered oak flooring as well. Particularly, for commercial properties, the benefit of using this engineered flooring Sydney is the enhanced solidity that these boards deliver.

Buckling Resistant

Bending, warping and Buckling are common issues which are faced by most home owners with wood floors. This happens when timber floors shrink and expand because of fluctuations in humidity and temperature. The buckling will become worse if boards don’t shrink and expand. The good thing is, both white and red oak flooring encounter shrinkage and expansion at a fairly even rate, which means that your oak floors will not bend or warp as quickly as other types of wood floor materials. For safety and durability, try to maintain the humidity and temperature in your home stable.


Most likely the primary reason oak flooring is a popular choice Sydney is its versatility. Both white and red oak come with a multi-dimensional, delicate charm, which is why they are considered aesthetically suitable to any home decor. And since oak is not as spectacular in appearance as other types of wood floor, it will not distract from art or furnishing.


Maintaining oak floor is not really difficult. The initial step is using a top quality stain or sealant. Ensure that what you are using is water-resistant and can protect against damaging UV rays, which can increase years to the appearance of your oak floors. Second, make sure to mop and sweep regularly. Liquids will
stain any floor, so make sure to mop or dry any kind of spill whenever you can.

From this article you can see, the combination of strength, versatile looks, durability, and simplicity of treatment has made Oak floors Sydney one of the most in-demand types of wood floors today. If you are thinking about the installation of new wood floors, you’ll definitely want to choose oak.

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