New Merger Deal For Taubman Centers and Simon Property Group

At one point, the deal was very close to completion, and at another point, it didn’t look like it would be finalized. But this on and off deal apparently looks like it would be nearing its conclusion.

Simon Property Group and Taubman Centers announced that they’ve agreed to the terms of their merger agreement.

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The new deal says that Simon Property Group will acquire Taubman Centers paying $43 per share for an 80% stake in its Retail Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). This new price agreed upon is notably lower than the previously agreed $52.50.

Since it was first announced at the start of the year, the merger has taken several twists and turns. The coronavirus pandemic didn’t help matters. Its effect on the market has met different cutbacks have had to be taken by those in the industry. Persons close to the deal even hinted that Simon was close to calling the entire deal off. In response, Taubman sued, thus preventing Simon to go pull out. Both companies said in a joint statement that the lawsuit had been settled.

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The challenging times in the industry and the fact that the coronavirus pandemic put a pause to operations are the reasons why these two REITs are joining forces together. Taubman saw a loss of 16% in its total year-over-year revenue. Also, its adjusted funds from operations took a 30% hit.

Simon took an even bigger hit. Its total revenue took a 25% hit while its adjusted funds from operations decreased by 33%.

Both companies have expressed their delight and joy that the prolonged saga has finally been completed. A conclusion from both parties is imminent. As at the time of filing this report, Simon’s stock rose by 5.7%, while that of Taubman rose by 8.4%.

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