Making Your Kitchen Energy Efficient

dfugighoYou are looking to remodel your kitchen and are looking into all the changes you can make to improve it. Looking for energy efficient options can save your money while preserving the environment. Here are a few things you can do to make your kitchen ecologically friendly.


Changing out your appliances can cut your energy costs. Making refrigerator repairs queens or fixing other items in your kitchen can also help the environment if replacing them is too costly. Many utility companies will offer rebates if you do purchase new machines making them a little more affordable.

Shine Light On Your Remodel

Possibly one of the simplest and cheapest ways to save energy is by changing out your lighting. Switch out your current bulbs with ecologically friendly ones such as compact fluorescent ones. They use less power to function and last longer. You can also install fixtures that project more light with fewer bulbs such as canned lights in your ceiling.

Block Out the Cold

Replace the windows in your kitchen with energy efficient ones. You can also add more insulation around your current ones and add more caulk to seal them in. Minimize your window coverings so that natural light might come in. This allows for less electricity during the day while providing heat.

Be Smart As You Cook

While you can save energy while remodeling, you can also do so by changing your habits. Use the burner on your stove that matches up with the pot you are using. Bake with glass or ceramic instead of metal which lets you cook at a lower temperature. Keep your vents open and free of debris and objects blocking it. Unplug minor appliances that are sitting dormant until you are ready to use them again and clean off your major appliances so that they run efficiently.

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