Legal Action when facing water intrusion problem

ghdhdThe water intrusion problem was not a direct result of the hurricanes, although they did make it evident for many who otherwise would not have known.

Water intrusion in newly construction homes has been occurring at least since 2003 as indicated by some of WESH 2’s special reports.

What You Should Be Doing

  •  Stop saying “It’s not my problem, my new home wasn’t affected.” This affects anyone who has bought a home in the last four years and anyone that’s going to buy a home in the next 20. Builders are hiding behind vague and sketchy building codes while government inspectors are not held accountable for giving approval on construction with obvious construction defects.
  • Contact your insurance agency if you haven’t already. Some agencies are denying claims while others are approving them and pursuing legal action against the builder due to material defect, which is extremely good for our cause. If your claim is denied, seek legal counsel .
  •  Get involved in a group effort. Don’t sit back and think that someone else will take care of the problem, because they won’t. We need your voice — there is strength in numbers.
  • Write your elected officials: national representatives, national senators, state representatives and state senators. Tell them that you’re disgusted that builders are getting away with cheating their consumers. Tell them that the building codes need to be examined and modified so builders can’t build cheap and hide behind legislation.
  • File complaints with your local Better Business Bureau and the Florida Division of Consumer Services. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper.
  • Sign the petition for a Florida Homebuyer Protection Act which calls for establishment of an act to protect homebuyers from shoddy new home construction in the state of Florida.
  • Spread the word! Talk to your friends, neighbors and co-workers. Participate in the blue ribbon campaign. Let people know that there’s a problem and tell them your story. Tell them to go to this web site and get involved as well. Put a banner ad on your own site back to this one.
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