Landscape Lighting Tips

Whether you are planning or have finished installing your landscaping, you may be considering how you will light your garden and lawn. Landscape lighting can be used to enhance your landscape, but it is also a safety mechanism. Before you begin purchasing lighting, you should learn more about designing your lighting plan.

Design for Security

As you pursue your landscape lighting design St Louis MO, don’t forget security. Every home and business needs security lighting. These lights protect your property by lighting areas where people may vandalize or break into it. You may use motion-sensor lighting or have bright lights that are always on. Key areas for safety lighting include back doors, sheds or storage areas, windows that are especially dark or shadowed. Any area that would provide cover for nefarious activity should include security lighting.

Design for Safety

You not only want a secure home, but you also want your home to be safe. Therefore, you should invest in fixtures that illuminate your driveway, door, paths and patios. Any area with a height change, such as stairs or paths on hills, should be lighted as well. You want to be sure that your guests and family can clearly see high-traffic areas so they don’t get injured.

Design for Appeal

Finally, you should add lights that highlight your landscape. You may consider using a flood or spotlight to illuminate your trees, but be sure that the tree trunks are illuminated as well or it may look like their crowns are just hanging over the yard. Garden beds are also key areas for lighting, but keep the lights at least 20 feet apart.

Your home’s façade and your property’s walls and fences should also be illuminated. If your home has interesting architectural features or interesting textures, you want to highlight these features. Finally, light focal points, such as statues and water features.

Landscape lighting gives your home safety, security and interest. Contact a reputable installer to help you design your lighting plan.

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