Landscape Design Tips

Landscaped outdoor space expands your living area and improves your quality of life. Proper landscapes are peaceful, inviting spaces where you can gather with your loved ones. Whether you are looking to create a new landscape or update your current garden, these are a few tips you may consider.

Identify Your Purpose and Desires

Your first task should be to write down everything you want to see in your garden. For example, do you want to add a pool, putting green, covered patio, deck and fencing? You should also discuss your materials. For example, do you hope to have a patio made from decorative concrete Longmont CO? Then, talk about your desired plants. Are you interested in growing flowers, shade trees or food? Don’t forget your feature items, such as fountains, fire features or sculptures. You should also calculate your budget.

Build Your Plan

Your next step is to create a plan. First, measure your property. Determine where you want your fencing and hardscapes. Then, you should identify where you want the major features of your landscape. For example, where will you place your storage shed, patio and planter boxes? How large do you want these features? Make sure you plan out where you will place your plants as well.

You should also have all your utilities marked before you dig a single hole.

Install Your Hardscapes

Hardscapes are buildings, patios and fencing. You should install these first. It is best to protect your plant life from being trampled by your contractors while they try to put in the foundation of your garden. You should also install any retaining walls you need.

Install the Irrigation and Plants

Your final step is to install your irrigation and plant life. You may work with a local nursery to choose a variety of plants, including trees, bushes, flowers and even fruits and vegetables.

Your new landscape is just a few steps away. Have patience and maintain open communication with your contractor, and you will soon have the outdoor space you desire.

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