Knowing When to Call Pest Control

fgsguygyDIY home improvement is becoming more popular as homeowners seek money-saving options or opt to take on home projects themselves for a personal touch. However, some problems are too big for one to handle on their own. With pests, it’s hard to tell sometimes whether you can get the job done yourself or you need professional help. Knowing when to throw in the towel and look for pest control services is as important a skill for homeowners as anything else.

Pests That Won’t Give Up

Some pests have a reputation for nesting far out of reach, and store-bought products that fail to kill them all will leave survivors ready to reproduce. Ants and termites are a prime example—the colony itself needs to be targeted to kill the queen, but it’s usually hidden underground or in an isolated nook. Rodents and insects like cockroaches or bedbugs, meanwhile, simply reproduce too quickly and are adept at evading all but the most thorough attempts. Professional exterminators are equipped to completely flush out an infestation, though.

Dangerous Pests

While most pests are a nuisance, some are more directly threatening to your family. Bees and wasps will fight back when the hive is under attack, and a swarm can be a painful, or even lethal, experience. Other venomous bugs that like to invite themselves in, such as scorpions or spiders, are risky to take on without proper equipment, and even rodents may bite back when cornered. Experts know how to safely remove these pets and have the right gear to protect themselves.

For Your Family’s Health

Many pests are a health risk even without a direct encounter. Wild rodents—especially rats—are a major example, while cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes are also common carriers. Some insects don’t carry diseases but create an allergy risk through bites or the residue they leave behind, and children or the elderly can be vulnerable. A swift response from a professional is vital here, especially when the pests are also fast breeders.

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