Karcher gutter and drain cleaning kit

mndfndsI’ll be showing you the Karcher gutter and drain cleaning kit. This kit is fantastic for clearing blockages in your roof gutter and also the drains around your home. It comes with a 20-metre hose with a very clever end which fires Jets of water back along the hose pulling it through the pipe and breaking up the blockage. Simply remove the spray lance and fit the hose to the gun then enter the end of the cleaner hose into the blocked pipe a few inches and turn on your pressure washer.

The high pressure flow will then draw the hose along and into the blockage and break it up. Once the hose reaches the obstruction gently pull the hose repeatedly to agitate the cleaning of the area before slowly removing it stopping washing just before the removal of the hose. It also comes complete with this great gutter cleaning kit. To use simply unscrew the drain cleaning nozzle attached the adapter, feed through the wheels of the clamp and then fit into place inside the shuttle putting it squarely in and then closing the staple down to lock it into place. Then fix the clamp to the gutter and drop the shuttle into the gutter Next fit your downpipe guard which stops the downpipe being blocked.

Now if you’re near the shuttle you could get splashed, so it’s a good idea to wear safety goggles or glasses. When you start your pressure washer the Jets will lift and clean debris along the gutter as the shuttle is pulled along to the end, you may need to just help support the loose hose as it feeds through the clamp. Just a few minutes and all the dirt and debris is washed loose broken up and washed away. So there we have it, the gutter and drain cleaning kit from Karcher. The gutter and drain cleaning kit fits models from K2 to K7 as well as the KB. Remember spares and accessories for all the appliances around your home can be found on the eSpares website.

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