Is Your Drinking Water Safe for your children?

Children drink a lot more water when compared with adults. Most of this is tap water, and its level of quality is controlled by requirements set by Congress enclosed in the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974. The laws have controlled the criteria of drinking water for chemicals found in many supplies.

Today, the drinking water in America is probably the safest worldwide, though issues might come up from one time to another. Minor systems serving under a thousand individuals are those that are usually to break safety standards. You should keep in mind that private wells are generally not controlled by federal government, so that they must go through testing for nitrates, along with other environmental harmful toxins if proper.

Illness triggering pollutants in drinking water contain the following: germs, man-made chemicals, heavy metals, radioactive particles, nitrates, and also disinfecting process by-products.

Although water in bottles can be purchased in markets, the majority of brands include tap water, which is bottled to get sold. Generally speaking, this type is a bit pricier as compared to tap water, and when you will find no contamination problems within the supply of the neighborhood, it is not necessary for it. Additionally, bottled type might have damaging chemicals produced by the plastic material into the water, and also using it heightens plenty of plastic waste.


To see to it that kids are using a safe drinking water supply, parents might check the level of quality of water with the aid of the state environment organization, the county health division or even by contacting the Environmental Protection Agency Hotline. It is necessary for local water providers to survey concerning the contents of water on an annual basis. Good water must be tested each year.

The other recommendations are:

It is advisable to use cold water while cooking and drinking. Toxic contamination can potentially develop in water heaters.

When asking yourself the quality of plumbing, it might help to allow water run for 2 minutes each morning before making use of it for cooking or drinking. By doing this, the pipes will probably be flushed, lowering the probability of contaminants ending up in the water getting used.

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