Installing heat resistant backsplash behind stove

vhtyeyeDo you prefer the look of wall tile but never think that you are unable to do the installation on your own and don’t have enough money to hire a professional to get the job done? Or maybe your budget for buying the tile isn’t enough. Then this article is for you. You will find vinyl peel and stick tiles available on the market which are easy to install and look really nice.

I was quickly able to install the peel and stick vinyl tiles on the wall without any preparation as the wall was only painted, flat and clean. Only little cutting required and this could be done with a razor, scissor or knife. I also installed the peel and stick vinyl tiles the raised platform under the stove.

It didn’t take much time – only a couple of hours of installing the entire surface- I only figured out that the adhesive on the peel and stick vinyl tiles was strong enough to keep the tile on the wall, most importantly near a stove in which the temperature was continuously going hot. But I still installed this heat resistant backsplash behind stove. That worked well even on the hot spot.

The result was a fine-looking backdrop to my kitchen. Every time a guest enter my kitchen they initially appreciate it then walk around and touch the fake tiles and ask what it is? They never think that it is peel and stick vinyl tiles until I tell them.

You just need to be careful in choosing tile and don’t choose something that doesn’t match the theme of your kitchen decor. Find the look you are trying to achieve!

You don’t need to worry when installing the peel and stick vinyl tiles near any type of heat source. Always ensure that it is strongly attached so that it will not get loose and fall.

I would also try to install these peels and stick vinyl tiles on the backyard near my fireplace to freshen it up. I am thinking to install the same tile as being installed on the backsplash in my kitchen so it has the same decor theme as my kitchen.

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