Improving Remote Productivity Through Your Workspace

As the number of employees working remotely continues to increase throughout the United States, it’s important to consider how to get the most out of your home office space. Many employees face the daily struggles of separating their home lives from their work lives, leading to a decrease in productivity compared to their time in the office. However, as you may know, your career trajectory hinges on your ability to remain diligent through these distractions and maintain high-quality work throughout your time working remotely. The key to achieving this is through fully utilizing the space you work from at home.

One of the most crucial mistakes remote employees make is focusing too much on uncontrollable factors that limit productivity. With so many employees working remotely, there are bound to be hardware issues that limit communication for some periods of time. In addition to this, some work requires collaboration between many departments spanning through an entire company. If one of these departments’ team members are without internet due to an outage in their town, you have no choice but to be patient and work through it the best you can. What remote employees should truly be focusing on are the factors they can control. Namely the workspace that they occupy on a daily basis.

Now, every remote employees’ personal workspace is going to be different. But the fact is that the space we occupy and the immediate areas surrounding it have a great impact on productivity. The infographic featured with this post, How to Create a Productive Workspace, details five very solid ideas about how you can achieve more from home with a few simple tweaks.

Invest in a Desk: a desk space you can call your own can provide enough space to handle all of your work hardware without clutter. Rather than occupying a family space like the dining room table daily, invest in a space just for you.

Seating Consideration: rather than borrowing a chair from the dinner table, consider investing in a chair with some ergonomic support to get you through the day. If you’re currently using a char that requires you to get up every few minutes to alleviate pain, you’re hindering your productivity.

Decorate Accordingly: knowing you’re going to be stuck inside all day for work, you can decorate your desk and surrounding area with house plants or other items around the home to liven up the space. Anything that provides a pleasant sight besides your laptop screen throughout the work day.

These are just some of the tweaks that are discussed in the infographic featured below, courtesy of Deflecto. Be sure to check out the infographic for more tips!

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