I Have Been Living in Australia Since College

I got a job in Australia when I graduated college. I had a friend in college taking a different career path. He was from Australia and going to the same school as me to take an advanced course only a few universities offer. His dad is a bigwig in an energy company, and they are always looking for good geologists. That was my advanced degree, and I got a job offer from my friend’s dad. Now I was having The Moving Guys take all my belongings from my apartment I had lived in for a couple of years to a home I bought. I was planning on sticking around here in Australia for the foreseeable future. I was still a citizen of my birth country, but a resident of Australia.

I liked it here. There are vast spaces to explore and very unique cities and towns. Even the animals are different. Kangaroos and crocodiles are not something I would see growing up where I did. I’m not a fan of aggressive funnel spiders, but every place has its own unique mix of wildlife. It was strange when I moved to an apartment here. Then I started acquiring things to own such as my furniture and new refrigerator, washer and dryer. Now I owned a house in Australia. I had so much stuff that I had to hire The Moving Guys to move it all to my new place. I bought a house in a very rural area. I like being out away from the city.

I go home to visit my parents and the rest of my family on a regular basis, and I have had them visit me too. They all have a great time seeing the sights here. My dad will think I am living in the Outback of Australia when he sees this place I bought. I almost got him and Mom convinced to move here. They come and visit and stay for about three months at a time since it is summer here when it is winter there.

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