HVAC Troubleshooting – Noises in The Heat Pump

bjgujtyurThis is a heat pump system of the Emerald series. What we are going to talk is a defrost cycle, what the heat pump does during the defrost cycle. All heat pumps are a little different, they act in different ways, but this is the sounds, noises things like that you get out of a heat pump. So with that being said, as you notice when you come up on it you can see the fan in the top is actually spinning.

You can look in the top of a normal heat pump and you can tell the air coming out is cold. It is cool coming out, that way you know. Also to if you look in here at the coil, if you notice there isn’t any frost or anything on it yet. But will see it that you could have ice buildup on it and things like that.

Let’s go ahead, what we are going to do is initiate force a defrost. This has to be done by a qualified technician. And these are the noises you are going to hear. This is the unit going into defrost. You may be able to see a little bit of steam coming off the top cover but not a whole lot. As you notice the outdoor fan shut off, that is normal during the defrost cycle.

What you will actually see is during that cycle, if you were actually out here and you see it. You will start feeling heat coming off the top of this and that is normal. You’ll see steam and all kinds of stuff like that. The fan is not spinning. When it goes into the defrost cycle the outdoor fan shuts off. The compressor still runs and you will hear noises like you are hearing right now. Now it is getting ready to come out of the defrost cycle. Then the fan motor comes back on. So that is your normal sounds going into and coming out of defrost.


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