How to Prune the Grape Vines

jiuhuIf you are planning on raising grapes in your own yard, you should take the time to learn the right pruning techniques to ensure that your grapes grow to their fullest potential. Although there are different ways for you to prune and train the vines of your grapes, the philosophy used in each of these methods is the same. Pruning is essential because it helps reduce the grape vines from getting quite a lot of foliage. Too much foliage can reduce the chances of your plant to bear fruits.

Vertical Positioning – the canes of the grape plant are secured in place using guide wires as they continue growing. Make sure that you choose canes that are sturdy and are already positioned properly. Remove the rest of the canes that are not needed. This is the best method for those who are just starting to grow grape plants. Pruning grapes depends mostly on the type that you are growing but usually pruning is done when the leaves of the grapes have already fallen and while no new buds have appeared yet. Seeing the skeleton of the plant while the leaves haven’t grown yet can give you a good idea on how your grape plant is faring.

Spur Pruning – in this type of pruning method, the growth for this year will have two canes that will bear fruit coming from each spur. Spur pruning is done by removing the cane that is located farthest from the permanent cordon. On the other hand, the cane that is closest should need to be pruned into two nodes.

Cane Pruning – this method allows your grape vine to have a cane for two years while letting it bear fruits regularly. Two canes will also grow from a spur. If you will be using this pruning method, you will need to completely cut the old cane as well as the growths this year. Prune the cane that is nearest the cordon but leave two nodes as replacements. The cane that is further from the cordon should be pruned but should be left alone. This will be next year’s two year old cane.

These are just a few methods that you should consider when raising grapes in your own place. Learning how to properly prune your grape plant will help you grow a healthy and properly trained grape plant that will bear fruits constantly.

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