How to Paint High Ceilings

Transform your room with a few simple tips! While walls often receive the most attention when it comes to design, why not give the ceiling its own flair? High ceilings can feel empty and unfinished. But by updating them with some fresh paint or wallcovering, you can turn any space into something special. Don’t forget: treat your crown moldings just like another wall—give them love too!

Clear Out the Room

When painting your ceiling, a great way to keep messes and valuables safe is by clearing out the room. Not only will this make it easier for you to do the job right – you’ll also have plenty of space! If moving items into another area isn’t an option, try relocating them closer together in the center of the room instead.

Use Good Drop Cloths

When painting your ceiling, be prepared and proactive — gravity doesn’t cut you any slack. Though it’s impossible to completely avoid drips, you can significantly reduce mess by protecting the area below with a strong drop cloth that effectively catches any stray paint.

Use a Sturdy, Quality Ladder

If you have high ceilings you may need to use a ladder while painting your ceiling. Some say scaffolding is better, but that should be left to the professionals. Scaffolding is heavy, hard to assemble, and hard to move. For ease of use, a good ladder will do.

Use an Extension Handle for Your Paint Roller

Painting your high walls and ceilings doesn’t have to be a struggle. An extension pole can make all the difference, cutting down on labor while also maintaining consistent quality with more control than ever before! By using an extending handle for your paint roller you’ll keep an upright posture throughout the task, reduce fatigue, and achieve smooth results without needlessly bending or reaching too far. Enjoy better coverage in less time – it’s as simple as getting the right size of Pole Extension today!

Add Trim with a High Ceiling

Create a personalized look in your room by utilizing trim to accent the walls and ceiling. Start with painting crown molding, located near the perimeter of the ceilings, along with woodwork around windows or doorways white for an eye-catching contrast against colored walls and ceilings. For even more visual interest on vertical surfaces with high ceilings, you can add additional strips of trim which will provide two separate spaces – one close to a wall covered in the same wallpaper/paint color as adjacent walls and another closer to the center painted all together distinctly.


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