How to Make Your Home More Artistic

fftyddIf you have a flair for creativity, your home should reflect that. You don’t need to be a loaded art buyer to find great pieces for your home. Whether you have a career in the arts or just appreciate the beauty in it, incorporating it into your home is simpler than it seems.

Incorporate Artistic Accessories

If you don’t want to buy a whole new set of furniture, add some artistic accessories to give your furniture a new look. Buy a decorative fire screen to give your fireplace some whimsy this winter. Add some washi tape to your walls to give them a fun, new color. Buy decorative comforters and pillows for your bed. You can even take decorating into your own hands with some DIY projects with painting, handiwork and repurposing.

Invest in Art Pieces

If you are a true art fan, you’ll want to add some actual art pieces to your house. You can get prints and posters from a printing company framed. If you’re looking for a real deal on original artwork there are plenty of stores and online companies that will sell them to you. There are some that even allow art students access to exclusive paintings and gives a trial period for art pieces. There are also online markets like Etsy that sells both original artwork and prints.

Find Creative Furniture

If you’re tired of your bland furniture, scrap it all for bolder collections. Start simple with smaller furniture pieces. Find an eccentric lamp or rug. Then build your way up to bigger pieces of furniture. Look for artistic couches, tables and dressers at garage sales, Etsy or antique furniture stores. Look out for furniture companies that make furniture pieces that more unique than generic store brand collections. Also, it helps support smaller businesses in an expensive industry.

Whichever artsy pieces you choose to add to your home, make sure the art fits your personality and makes your home yours.

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