How To Make a Cramped Bathroom Feel Bigger

uiytfryuAt some point in their lives, most people have owned a home with a small, cramped bathroom. There are a variety of small and large projects, however, which can transform a bathroom from cramped to airy and inviting.

Consider a New Layout

If you’re planning a big bathroom remodel Anne Arundel County MD, it might be smart to consider if a better layout would give you more space in the room. If your budget allows for it, even small tweaks in the positioning of the toilet, for example, may provide you with more usable space.

Place Flooring Diagonally

This tip sounds strange at first glance, but it’s actually utilizing an optical illusion to make the room appear bigger than it is. Best of all, you can accomplish this with any type of flooring.

Add a Glass Shower Door

This modern touch provides sightlines to more of the room. If there isn’t space in your bathroom for the door to swing outward, there are models that open into the shower or slide like pocket doors.

Avoid Clunky Furniture

Large vanities take up otherwise usable space and often appear clunky in smaller bathrooms. Although it may cost you some storage space, a pedestal or single sink vanity are the best choices for small bathrooms. Avoid any large pieces of furniture that stick out from the wall too far, as this will make the room appear cramped.

Brighten the Room

Dark colors can make a small room feel small and dungeon-like, while light colors can make it feel bright and airy–an even bigger bonus if your bathroom doesn’t have windows. Your floors, walls and vanity should be light, with pops of color added through hand towels and small decorations. Additionally, adding recessed lighting brightens the room further, giving the appearance of natural light.

Working around a cramped bathroom can be frustrating, but there are many solutions available. Whether you choose to swap out a few aspects of your bathroom or gut renovate it, you can add value to your home while transforming your cramped bathroom into a functional and inviting space.

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