How To Decorate Your Living Space With Taste

Are you thinking of a change of scenery in your home? There are some basic tips to make it look like a home in a popular magazine. Many interior design teams follow these home decorating tips below. Let’s begin.

The Simplicity

Less is more: bet on simplicity. Go for basic furniture in neutral colors: smooth upholstery for the sofa in light tones or a simple coffee table combines with any striking pattern and some specific detail that you would include such as cushions, armchairs, or vases. It is the best advice an interior designer can give you to adapt to your new trend: keep the furniture, change the accessories to imitate fashion.

The Best Lighting

You may not have huge windows in all rooms. However, there is a trick to make a room appear brighter. Paint the ceiling and at least three walls white to reflect natural light. The best color for curtains is white. And, you should consider laying light rugs on the floor to give a room light and warmth. If you have to put artificial light, it is better to use indirect lamps in warm tones than white ceiling lights.

The Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a very interesting option when decorating houses, but overusing wallpapered rooms can generate a feeling of claustrophobia, and then the room is more suffocating than it really is. It is recommended that you combine white walls with paper to take better advantage of the light and give depth without giving up that different touch of a patterned wall.

Taking Advantage of Space

Analyze every inch of the interior of your house. Measure every wall, hole, radiator, and pillar in any one of the rooms. The final space must be well-thought-out, organized, and very comfortable. Keep this in mind especially if you are redecorating your home and want to utilize the space.

Doors and Windows

You will not be the first to have a head full of decoration ideas and when it comes time to get down to work, you realize that you have not taken into account where doors and windows open to moving the sink, adding a blind, or hanging a shelf in the bathroom. These things should be in your plan from the onset.

Incorporate Your Personality

In interior decoration, the best advice you can follow is to personalize your space to your taste. To do this, decorate your home with those memories that describe your history: the postcards from that trip, those photos of your youth, the ethnic statuettes from a special getaway, or the painting you found on a trail.

Use Color

Find a colored thread to decorate your house or some of your rooms. Some cushions in pink, with some pink flowers, and some photo frames in similar tones. Pastel tones also influence your mood when you wake up, and whites give a feeling of spaciousness in small rooms.


In the end, the most important advice that an interior designer Denver can give you is that when decorating houses, the best decoration ideas are the ones that make you feel good when you return home after a long day. Therefore, decorate your house to your liking, with your style, and remember that you can make your own rules, but stick to the basics first. 

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